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Uno Music offers a wide range of music of over 70,000 songs to suit all ages, from past dance-floor classics through to the latest chart no 1.

To ensure the music is absolutely right for your event, we always request a playlist beforehand. To provide a playlist simply fill clink on the PLAYLIST Icon. Uno music also accommodate requests and dedications on the night  from guests and carefully monitor & respond to the changing moods of the dance-floor.



Individual musical tastes vary enormously, so I ask you to tell me as much as you can about your musical preferences. A wide variety of styles will be played but the common theme is ‘danceability’ so you and your guests will be drawn onto the dance floor and soak in the party atmosphere whilst strutting your stuff!

Uno Music’s back catalogue starts from the 50s and travels right through the present day:

Afro Punk-Bashment-Bhangra-Blues-Blues-Children’s Music- Country- Disney- Dance- Dance-Hall- Deep House-Dubstep- Drum’n’bass- Electro House -Electro swing- House, Hip Hop-House- Heavy Metal- Hardcore Punk- Garage, Gothic Rock-Grunge- Grime-Gospel- Indie- Jungle- Karaoke- Latin- Motown- New Age Northern Soul- Old School- Pop- Rock-Rap- RnB, Rock n Roll- Reggae- Reggaeton- Soul, ,Salsa- Swing-Ska- TV Themes(Soundtracks)- Techno- Trance- Trap- World-50’s60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,


Subject to parental consent, Uno Music  will NOT play any sexual explicit material, or offensive material to any under 18 year old  events.

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