Uno Music provides 2 price options, a Children’s price and an adults price, We do not believe in bronze, silver and gold options or varied price options depending on the event. Uno Music provides a top quality service regardless of the event.

Children/Teenagers Discos

Price  starts from £120 for the 1st 2 Hours then £30 per half an hour thereafter

Adult Discos

Price starts from £70  for up-to 4 Hours then £30 per half an hour thereafter

Book 2 discos at the same time and a get 10% discount on second discos  subject to availability

Optional Extras:

  • Smoke Machine £10
  • Bubble machines £10
  • Photo Touch Screen Magic Mirror from £169 for the 1st  Hour, £60 per hour thereafter
  • Video of Event £50 per hour


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