Tony was fantastic

Question Answer
Overall, how entertaining was the event? 10
Do you feel U No Music provided value for money? 10
Would you recommend U No Music a to a friend? Yes, definitely
What was the single best part of the event? Music
Did you encounter any problems with U No Music ? none what so every, very polite, Tony called me ┬áto say he was on his way so I didn’t have to worry and arrived on time
Any suggestions for U No Music ?
Any final comments? recently used U No Music form my 60th birthday and he had all the songs of my playlist that I asked for, I have grandchildren and he even catered for their generation, keeping everyone on the dance floor, I thought it would be difficult for him to cater for 4 generations of music but 8 out of 10. I would defiantly recommend Tony
Your Name merle Hall

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