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Disco Bookings

There’s a number of ways to book with us, You request a call back at a time of your choosing, email or call us.

When making an inquiry, we’ll need to know a few details to give you an accurate quote:

Date of your event
Type of event, i.e Wedding, Birthday, Corporate
The venue address
Start and finish times
Your contact details
Any special requirements

If you decide to go ahead with the booking, a contract is sent out confirmation in writing which will show all the information that we’ve agreed for your event, this will be signed by both parties. You then need to return the form which will secure your booking

If it’s something that you require – we can then start the all-important planning of your disco, the playlist, the evening’s events (if any) and of course any other special announcements or requirements. We’re here to help you and offer our expert opinions 7 days a week.

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